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This is the documentation for “skijumpdesign: A Ski Jump Design and Analysis Tool for Equivalent Fall Height” based on the work presented in [2]. The software includes a library for two dimensional skiing simulations and a graphical web application for designing and analyzing basic ski jumps. The primary purpose of the software is to provide an open source, layperson-friendly web application for designing and assessing ski jumps for the purposes of minimizing equivalent fall height (EFH). Ski jumps that are designed with low equivalent fall heights will likely reduce injuries. See the references below for a more thorough discussion of the reasons. A current version of the web application can be accessed at http://www.skijumpdesign.info.

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The following references provide background information on the theory and rationale of the software implementation.

A paper on this software implementation:

Which is based on this primary reference:

The following are also useful for more in-depth study (in chronological order):

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